ZBrush Custom Matcap #6

My New Matcap : Mudbox V1 Matcap / 3DCoat Clay Matcap

예전부터 좋아하던 skymatter시절의 mudbox매터리얼과 3D코트의 Clay매터리얼을 추가했습니다.

Matcap #6 for 4R3 & higher
Download : https://gum.co/pFxiw


This material is also available for individuals and companies.
But I did not give up intellectual property.
Do not disseminate without my permission for sale and other promotional purposes.
Please contact me in advance if it will be used for tutorials and publications.
Email : g.gxmax@gmail.com (Business contact)

Email:g.gxmax@gmail.com(Business contact)

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Email : g.gxmax@gmail.com (Business contact)